What is the Moz Project?

The Greek Localization Project of Mozilla is part of the "Mozilla Localization Project" ("MLP") project for the adaptation of the Mozilla software to local languages. The goal of Moz is to localise (that is, adapt and translate to Greek) the Mozilla Suite, the Mozilla Browser Firefox and the Mozilla Mailer Thunderbird, so that it can be used effectively by the greek-speaking software market.

The work of the Moz team is licensed under the "Mozilla Public License" ("MPL") 1.1. The MPL license has been approved as a valid open-source software license by the Open Source Software. This means that you can share freely (without restrictions), make copies and adapt the source code of the Mozilla applications. For more information please read the Mozilla Public License (MPL 1.1).

What is the Mozilla Foundation?

The Mozilla Foundation is an organisation whose goal is the development of the Mozilla project (Mozilla Browser, Mozilla Mailer and other peripheral software). For more information on the Mozilla Foundation, please see http://www.mozilla.org/

What is Mozilla?

The Mozilla project is a software suite that incorporates a web browser, a mailer, a web editor and a chat program under the Mozilla software package. Recently there has been an initiative to develop standalone components of these individual applications. Currently these standalone components are in beta testing (though very usable). For the Web browser (new official name: Mozilla Browser) the beta codename is Mozilla Firefox, for the Mailer (new official name: Mozilla Mailer) the beta codename is Mozilla Thunderbird.

Currently, both the Mozilla Suite and the Mozilla standalone components are developed in parallel.